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Coyote Brown MOLLE II Fighting Load Carrier FLC Vest

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Genuine US Military issue, American made MOLLE Fighting Load Carrier Vest in Coyote Brown as issued by the USMC. These vests have the standard MOLLE webbing to attach all the pouches you could want. This is the most affordable base to built a rugged, versatile load carrying kit from. Much more well built and reliable than the Chinese made clones out there., at a lower price since it is real surplus.

Adjustable size, the built in padded belt adjust across the back front can be closed by zipper or waist belt and buckled straps. You can adjust the vest for a proper fit in summer clothing or without body armor with the zipper and then use the longer buckled straps with heavy clothing and/or body armor without having to do a bunch of adjustments every time. We measured the maximum size adjustment at 51" with the belt and straps let all the way out, but remember that size must go over clothing.

These are used in good+ condition. We offer a hand select option where we will pick the nicest of 5 we grab from the case for $3.00 more, hand selects will look almost new in most cases from what we have seen of this latest lot.

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