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Large Military ULCANS camo Netting- Thermal Blocking 225sq ft

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—Attention, we also have some smaller sections of this netting listed as well. Check out other listings to see it——

This sale is for a large piece of net aprox 225 square feet. More size details listed below.

This is military issue modern camo net that is the most modern update to the system. It not only protects from visual detection as all camo nets do but it also is radar scattering protection from detection by ground surveillance radars as well as marine radars it also protects from near infrared and thermal infrared detection.

In short this reduces the thermal signature of an object behind it by a minimum of 80% (and usually much higher). What little signature remains typically blends into the background noise and can’t be distinguished as an outline of person or object.

In addition this netting is also engineered to heat and cool at the same rate as natural vegetation. That means it doesn’t stand out as a camo tarp or a one sided space blanket does, and when the sun goes down and everything cools off it doesn’t stay hot after soaking up sun all day, but cools off the same as everything around it.

This means a user is protected from detection by users of thermal imaging equipment, be it someone on the ground with a thermal scope or an airborne system on a plane, helicopter or even a drone.

In the thermal photo you can see the person is holding a small piece of the net up so it only covers part of his body. At only 20 feet away the portion of his body is almost indistinguishable, at longer distance it can’t be seen at all.

The net is made up of a base / backing layer in dark green that provides the base level of thermal protection and also allows it to be slid over a object or worn over gear without snagging like older style nets would. The outer side has the 3D cut camo material in 3 camo colors that provides visual camouflage and also allows one to attach extra camouflage material as desired to make it blend to your local area.

This is a large diamond or rhombus shape section of netting. The sides of this net are approximately 16’ long, across the widest part it is 27.9 feet and corner to corner across the narrow part of is 16.1 feet. In total it is 224.5 square feet. This netting has lacing on all edges to allow you to attach multiple sections together to make even larger units as needed.

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