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M-1944 Suspenders- used in WWII, Korea and early Vietnam

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These are original US Military M-1944 Suspenders. They served both as the suspenders for the cartidge belt for the M1 Garand and the Pistol Belt as well as the straps for the M-1944 and M-1945 Field Packs- they could do both tasks at once or either as a stand alone item.

There are two versions. The early style just had flat canvas on the shoulder area, the later ones made post WWII had a padded shoulder area. Most WWII production ones have are or some of the hardware made of steel because of wartime measures to conserve brass, post WWII they switched back to brass.

Some of these have more readable and visible dates and markings, if that matters to you we are offering an option to hand select for more clearly visible date markings.

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