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Military Dog Tags, full set with silencers

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Our Dog Tags are printed on an original 1960's US Military Dog Tag Machine!

This is a full set of military dog tags, with the silencers. You get two tags, the long and short stainless steel chains, and 2 rubber silencers. Tags will be printed with your personalized information.

We can print anything you want within the limits of the tag and our equipment. Each tag will hold 15 charaters or spaces per line of text and 5 lines of text. The tags are only printed in upper case and have letters and numbers as well as these special characters only .-'&,/()

A military set traditionally is like this:

Service Number or Social Security Number
Blood Type
For tags for kids we often put name, phone number and date of birth. 

We can put anything else on them as well- love notes, memorials to loved ones who have passed away, anything else you need.

Tags will be printed exactly as you specify on the form.

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