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Military Parachute Face Mask- Handmade by disabled veteran family from real parachutes

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This is a face mask made out of the cloth from an actual T-10 parachute as used by US Army and USMC Airborne Troops for the green ones, and real Air Force ejection seat parachutes for the White, Gray and Orange ones. The material is very soft and comfortable.

These masks are made in a pleated style that allows for narrow sides that fit comfortably without being bulky but open up easily to fit any face size with comfort. The top has a flexible metal insert that bends to shape to provide a good comfortable fit and seal.

The ties are made from real US military parachute cord. You can tie a rubber band or elastic hair band between the two two and bottom to. And give yourself an elastic style fit that’s easy on and off if you prefer that to a tie on mask.

Masks are fully washable and are laundered after production.

These masks are hand made by a disabled veteran family for me, so shipment may be delayed no more than a few days if orders are in a peak. There will be minor differences in each one because they are hand made and are made from actual military parachutes.

These are a great mask for anyone in the military, veterans, military families or anyone else who wants a very distinctive style of mask.

Please note these masks are hand made and while we try to keep all variations in stock your order may take and additional few days to ship if one color is out.

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