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Military Ripstop Field Patch Repair Material- Self Adhesive OD Green

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Sometimes we come across an item we never thought of and never knew existed, but when we find it we are amazed how useful it is. This is one of those items.

This material is a lightweight, extremely strong ripstop nylon material with a very strong adhesive on one side. It was originally made for repairing parachutes (yes, really!) so it was made to very high standards and is very strong.

To use it you simply cut a piece to the right size for your repair, peel off the paper backing, apply to your damaged area and press firmly in place. That’s it!

This is a must have in your kit at home and in the field. In the field keeping some of this in your out means you can quickly and easily fix a damaged tent, poncho, sleeping bag, pack or even fix your pants if you blow out the rear end (we’ve been there, done that. It sure beats having your cheeks in the wind going down the trail). At home you can fix almost anything. We even patched up the seat in the work truck, way cheaper than a new seat or cover and stronger than duct tape) and Tim once used it to patch his Jeep top when it ripped 30 miles from home on a rainy day.

Each piece is 11.5”x42”,  so you get 480+ square inches of material. Most repairs only require 10-20 square inches so you can make dozens of repairs with one section, potentially keeping thousands of dollars in gear in service a lot longer!

Oh, and we are doing free shipping on these too! 

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