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Special Padded MOLLE War Belt / ALICE Pistol Belt Cover

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These MOLLE padded war belts are a unique item we have come across. These are a nice padded belt that was originally part of an Air Force system that was only issued in limited numbers. They are set up so that you can slip them over any kind of belt, we find an old-school pistol belt works perfectly, and then you have a padded belt with MOLLE webbing for attaching any MOLLE compatible pouches. This lets you make a nice hybrid system. They can be used with ALICE suspenders although they are configured for a single attachment point on the rear so you just run both hooks to the center in the back, or we did some searching and we found a great suspender option using some German suspender we modify for this use- they are seen in the picture.

We are offering the option to buy just the belt, the belt and a pistol belt inside (with or without the extender that adds a few inches for a longer belt or to adjust over winter clothing) and to add either the modified German suspenders we have or ALICE suspenders to help you set this up for your needs.

Sizing on these is: Small- up to 31” Waist Medium- 31”-36” Waist Large 34”-39” Waist X-Large- 38” and up Waist

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