A New Year, A New Start

My father, Buddy Glance, was the original Old Grouch. Since his passing in 2012, I have worked hard to carry on the family tradition. Despite my best efforts to fill his shoes and to run the store the way that he would have wanted me to, I have regrettably fallen short in many ways. There are many factors involved. Some were in my control and some were not. In the end, I am responsible for all that happened in this business.

I have spent the last few months reworking many aspects of the store, but I’ve kept the ones that matter most – merchandise that I believe in, fair prices and a desire to give the best customer service possible. But we’ve made some changes too. Starting today, you’ll see:

·         A new website that will make processing orders a smoother process with fewer chances for mistakes and better reflect in stock status of items and also allow easier tracking of orders. Our old website was on a platform that was fresh when created 15 years ago, but fell way behind in capabilities in the last 5 years.

·         New staff

·         New internal procedures

·         A new phone system with voicemail capability

·         And a new mindset and outlook for myself.

With the launch of our updated website comes my promise to bring back the kind of service you deserve and that this store was known for for so many years.

We realize we may have fallen short with some customers. If you have an outstanding issue or problem that still needs follow-up, please use the contact form on the new website as it goes to a special inbox we will have steady monitoring on.  We will make resolving these our immediate priority in this coming month.

Thank you for the opportunity to get back to the business that Buddy and I spent so many years building.



Tim Glance

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